Sifu Cliff Au Yeung 2018 UK Seminar/Workshops

By Alan

The Wing Chun Federation and Havant Wing Chun will be hosting Sifu Cliff Au Yeung for a two day workshop on the Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Training Method. Details on exact content will be finalized soon.
The price for both days is £100 paid upfront before event. (payment via Paypal, bank transfer or cash – message or email for details)
Places ARE LIMITED and will only be secured by full payment and are on a first come first served basis.
27th – 28th October 2018. Arrive early from 9am for signing in as there will be a prompt start at 10am.
Contact Jim Woodcock 077 5811 7905

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WCFed Workshop Malvern

By Alan

Stance Architecture, Essentials and Mobility with Alan Gibson
Saturday 10th May 2014 11am – 3pm
Venue: Leigh & Bransford Memorial Hall, Sherridge Rd, Leigh Sinton, Malvern, Worcestershire.
Contact: Kevin Price
Tel: 07725161178 or 01886830175

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WCFed Seminar/Workshop (Brașov, Romania)

By Alan

Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th March 2014
Alan Gibson & Mark Page 2 day seminar/workshop on Wing Chun/Ving Tsun.
Contact: Fanel Stroe.

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